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Burn Permit Application




1. You must have a permit to have open fire except when ground is snow covered, or for domestic purposes, or to protect persons or property in case of fire

Any person who sets a fire without taking reasonable precautions to prevent the escape thereof or leaves the fire before it is extinguished is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Any person who ,maliciously sets a fire which endangers human life or destroys the property of another, may, upon conviction, be assessed a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for a term of not over 10 years, or both.

Any person who negligently allows a fire to escape is liable for all expenses incurred by the Emmett Fire Department or the State of Michigan in the suppression of such fire.

Any permit issued may be removed if conditions are such that burning may not be done safely.

This permit does not supersede any other Act, Ordinance, or Rule which further restricts or prohibits the setting of fires.


Recreational Bonfires
A Recreational Bonfire Shall not be more than five (5) feet, by five (5) feet, by five (5) feet in dimension and shall not burn after 2am.


Fuel for a bonfire shall consist of seasoned dry firewood and shall be ignited with a small quantity of paper or a fireplace starter log. The fire shall not be used for waste disposal purposes (this means no scrap lumber or any illegal materials can be burned).

At no time shall gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid or any other flammable be used to start or re-start a bonfire.

Bonfires shall not be less than 50 feet from any structure, and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading within 50 feet of any structure.

A bonfire is not allowed when there are a winds of 10 mph or higher.

The bonfire shall be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.

Fire extinguishing equipment shall be available for immediate use.

This can either be fire extinguishers or a garden hose.


Permits are issued and revoked by the Fire Chief: Jerry Nuss, Village of Emmett Fire Chief

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